Recycling Do's and Don'ts


  • Do rinse plastic containers, milk / juice cartons, steel and tin cans to remove liquids and/or food; this will help avoid attracting flies and other pests.
  • Do have lids on if they are made of recyclable materials.
  • Do break down or cut up large cardboard boxes. Place on ground, next to your recycling container.
  • Do ensure that recyclables are clean and dry.


  • Don’t place your recycling container near parked cars, light poles, mailboxes or near other obstacles that would hinder collection.
  • Don’t leave your recycling container at the curb after 6:00 p.m. if it has been serviced.
  • Don’t stack non-recyclable items on or near recycle containers.
  • Don’t bag or tie your recyclables before placing them in the container. All recyclable materials should be loose in the container.
  • Don’t leave Styrofoam or plastic sheeting inserts in chipboard boxes.
  • Don’t use your recycling container for garbage.Overfilled Carts

Plastic Bags