G.A.I.N. - Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods

What us G.A.I.N.?

G.A.I.N. stands for Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods. G.A.I.N. is Arizona's answer to National Night Out, which is held in August. Because of the soaring 105+ temperatures in August, communities statewide decided to observe National Night Out in October and call it G.A.I.N.

Purpose of G.A.I.N.

G.A.I.N. is a day of celebration for the successes of crime prevention through community involvement. Block Watches citywide participate in block parties to show support for the efforts of those involved in the fight against crime.

Success of G.A.I.N. depends on you

G.A.I.N. is also a day for the police to show their appreciation for those in the community that support our efforts in the day to day fight against crime. It's not too early to start thinking of ways we can help make G.A.I.N. successful event. For more information email your neighborhood's Block Watch Coordinator or call at 623- 935-9040.