Storm Water Management


In March, 2003, the City submitted a Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) in accordance with regulatory requirements. The SWMP outlines the City's program to develop, implement and enforce a storm water management program designed to reduce the discharges of pollutants to protect water quality.

Storm water flows over driveways, lawns, and sidewalks. As it flows it picks up debris, chemicals, dirt, and other pollutants. Storm water can flow into a storm sewer system or directly to a lake, stream, river, wetland, or reservoir.

Anything that enters a storm sewer system is discharged untreated into the bodies of water we use for swimming, fishing, and even providing drinking water. Polluted runoff is the nation's greatest threat to clean water.

Improvement to storm water quality can be made through implementing management practices to control potential sources of pollution along with raising public awareness on proper use and disposal of products such as motor oil, antifreeze and pesticides.

The City of Litchfield Park's storm sewer system is completely separate from the sanitary sewer system, which is designed to capture and treat wastewater from sinks, toilets and other sources. The purpose of this collection system is to protect against flooding and water damage.

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